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 ISDATUL ASYIFA :'< , imissyou
Haii awakk , kitee nak awak mcm dluu,kitew tk berubah pun >< , awak yg berubah. kiter nk chat gn awak mcm dlu,kite nk post 'awak comel' mcm dlu. kiter nk nyanyi gn awak ,kiter nk gedik dgn awak MACAM DLU

tapi sekarang dah takda , awak dh mula benci saya.saya tk tahu apa yg saya buat kat awak. i really miss you gila BABI . awk dah tk reply chat or post saya, kalo reply pun , awk reply sepatah ja. IS , INEEDYOU :'<
"ISDATUL ASYIFA :'< , imissyou" was Posted On: Friday, August 26, 2011 @7:54 AM | 0 lovely comments

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