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 meet my bestfriends forever :')
okay aku nak perkenalkan dua ketoi kawan aku yg faham aku even depa suka sakitkan ahti aku. ahahaha ;'p

cikdieyna :)
 auww dieyna comel sungguh kan. diaa gilfriend aku ;p , hehe aku syg dia. bagi aku dia bestfriend aku yg paling baik even dia tak anggap aku mcm kawan baik dia ;') ,
haa kan betoi kan dieyna? haha. emm . dia lah selalu ada bila aku sedih gila nak mati. bila aku menangis dia lah selalu jadi bahu aku ,dia lah pujuk aku. aku sayang hang gila weyy dieyna. sorry wey selama ni aku buat salah kt hg , buat hg terasa sikit gn aku. aku nk hg tau , aku sayang hanggggg :'(

Shafeenaz Soffian
dia bff aku yg paling meregeh -,-' , dia segak okay ? ;D 
ermm , dia mcm dieyna jgk , time aku sedih , dia mesti ada, kadang2 aku jaa tadak untuk dia , tp dia faham aku. kan pinat kan ;D , aku sayang hang weyy , kita kawan dah 5 TAHUN? lamaaa gilaa , dari dulu sampai sekarang perangai kita still sama, kerja nak gaduh. heee ;)
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 A text
you still young and you still strong ,
get a new life girl without the person who do not make you happy !
Grow up ! grow up ! big girls dont cry (':
No more tears okay nur fatin nabilah zunadie ! ;')
Just life with the happy endinggg .
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 Upset :(
i send you a text yesterday , but you didnt replied,
what mean of that ? are you still love me ? 
i hope you know that i fucking miss you sooo ,
because of you , i rather do what do you want ,
but ... nevermind atenbella are STRONG :")
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 13.05.12 The end ;')
nevermind,i'll find someone like YOU ,
I wish you are not in my LIFE again ,
Go n fine your HAPPINESS
I know i'm in your HOPE to make you happy ,
and please REMIND yourself that i always love youuu ,
even i said it to my friends that i hate you very much ,
and now it happened to me again !
why do you have to do this :(
now......i'm trying to do not cry about you . isnyaALLAH . okay ?
thanks for everything NBY

#about two weeks we're family, and now you kill it !
29.04.12-13.05.12 dalam memori (':
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