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 my best friend
We have always been inseparable,
Well at least since the age of two,
Best friends we stood side by side,
It was always me and you.

We always told each other secrets,
There wasn?t anything we kept from each other,
I loved you more than anything,
You were like my brother.

From kindergarten to 4th grade,
You got teased for hanging out with a girl,
Still you never left me alone,
You put me before the world.

Then I fell in love,
With some guy in my 7th grade class,
And when he broke my heart,
You were there to kick his a$$.

You were always there for me,
Through the thick and thin,
Always you were there,
Being my best friend.

No matter what happened to us,
Or came in our way,
You never left me all alone,
You were there to stay.

You threw me the biggest party,
On my sweet sixteen,
Everyone from school was there,
But you I hadn?t seen.

As I went to open my presents,
I opened your card first,
It said the you loved me more than a friend,
And my tears soon began to burst.

Then out from the corner of the room,
You began to walk my way,
Tears came streaming down my face,
I began to runaway.

I locked myself in my room, 
And cried tears to form a sea,
And soon I realized we were more than friends,
That we were meant to be.

I came out of my room,
To find you standing there,
I looked into your eyes,
And realized you really cared.

So soon you became my boyfriend,
And we kissed for moments to last,
And forgot all about just being friends,
Like we were in the past.

Then on my 21st birthday,
You took me for surprise,
As you went down on your knees,
And I looked right in your eyes.

You took my hand so firmly,
As you were about to change your life,
You took a ring from in your pocket,
And said, ?Will you be my wife??

I was so shocked my mind went blank,
I didn?t know what to say, 
As I softly spoke words so true,
Tears came as I said, ?Okay?

You looked at me and said,
?I have another present waiting for you.?
You opened the curtains only to see,
A BMW painted blue.

We both jumped in,
My brand new car,
And we took off for a ride,
Though we didn?t go far.

Another car started swerving,
And right in a flash,
That car and I,
Had suddenly crashed.

It was a drunk driver,
Who took my soon to be husbands life,
And left me here all alone,
His soon to be wife.

If it wasn?t for them,
He?d still be alive,
Just shows to what happens,
When you drink and drive
"my best friend" was Posted On: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @10:35 PM | 0 lovely comments
 i miss u :(
in the fading windows to your soul
i can see that you've just let me go
your eyes they lie , but i know u have tried.
and put up with my weakness and sad pathetic lies.
please don't miss understand ! I'd never do you no wrong
but i,m lost and still seeking a place to belong.

with the chill of your good bye kiss
i feel surrounded by all this coldness
your body talk hushed, god i feel crushed
but theres still so many parts that remain untouched
please don't miss understand ! I'd never do you no harm
but i need the storm before I'll be calm

with the final flick of your good bye wave
i want to cry but i have to be brave 
the door ,closed ..the door CLOSED 
there so much i need but i cant be exposed
please don't miss understand! i,m gonna miss u like mad
but i need to be happy before i feel sad...

I miss u dear ! ,,,,
"i miss u :(" was Posted @10:26 PM | 0 lovely comments
 lyana lola p sabah !
hey heyy , lyana , jgn lpa bwk ole2 kt kmyy aww ! hahahah , kmy rindu mpa , mpa  ! dk kt sabah tc aww ! stg da bnda yg akn kacaw mpa ! :P . hahaha ! dakk aeh . sja lwak . ihi . BTW kmy dgn anis rindu mpaaaaaaaa . rindu nk ronda2 gn mpaa :( . tpa t kita jpa lenn nahh , kita p kuaq town !
"lyana lola p sabah !" was Posted @10:19 PM | 0 lovely comments
 laki gila ! ):
oke , ada sorang lakii nihh knn dy nk rmpas akuu dr ** . hmmm . dy dr dlu ska kt aq , aq xsuka kt dyy ! aq kta kt dy crila pompuan lein , dy tmw , dy kata perasaan dy kt aq taleh ubh ! nohhh ,geli aq .hahaha ! aq tny dy , then smpai bila nk pendam perasaan tuh , dy kta smpai bila2 , nohhh , gilaa pnya org ! hahahah ! ishish2 , i**da kn comeyhhhh dr aq , pi la tackle dy , haiyoooo , nk jgk aq . haiyaaaaaaaa ! aq ttw nk buad paa ,takat kt cni jaa noh , cita bnyk2 lak stg bocoq rahsia ,hihi , ok bye2 !
"laki gila ! ):" was Posted @10:14 PM | 0 lovely comments
 ary gado sedunia ! (:
hary nie gado gn A then F then laki haramm tuh ! then I  dan N ! tudiaaa bnyk nohhh pergadohannn ! hmm , moga kita baik blik nohhhh~~~!!!!
"ary gado sedunia ! (:" was Posted On: Friday, November 26, 2010 @8:00 AM | 0 lovely comments
 bsday girl
arinie bsday kemy gn zu ! woah ! depa wt bsday party kt KFC ! aq  dh smpai kt KFC dlm koi 12.05 ! then ,aq nmpk laa kn ada sorang minah ny dk tercegat sorang2 kt dpn KFC nuhhh.aq tgk cem knaii,yaa laaa knaiii ! HANIM laaa ! hahahha. aq ponnn p laa kt dyy ! pas2 aq tny laa , 'weh awd xmsok dlm kfc nuhh' dy kta lak 'aq dok tunggu bihah eeaa' . ooo! dlm beberapa minit yg laluu , bihah smpaii ! haha ! then aq nk p cp nk bli sometinx , aq ajk bihah gn hanim p . then , kmy ponn p laa kann .

herh,dh bli brg yg kmyy nanak, kmy dh smpai kfc , hehe , p laa msok kfc , jpaa laa zu,kemy,alyn and is DAN jgak FARRAH SYAZANA!waaa ! rinduu mpaa sumaa ! then,kmy mkn dn mkn dn bergambar dn bergambar dn sembang dn ketawa dn mcm2 g . hahaha !

tyme untok bergambaq ! sila tgk !

 basohhh tgn , haha

 piece with farrah syazana
 menjamu selera

aisya datang mnganggu kmyy :))) 

HAHA,lps makan kmy bersembang,lps bersembang kmy bergambaq,lps bergamaq tymes to play ! ahahaha.mentang2 la kan sebelah kfc tuh ada taman kn .aq,hanim gn bihah apalagi ! p laa tmn nuhhhh , aku gn bihah nek ndoiii hanim nekk pa ntahh kn , syiokkk ,then is , aisya ,gn alyn kacaw lakk ! hahaha , kmyy dok buad jebon pa tw kt c2 , haha . zu ,kemy gn farrah dok dating paa tah , hahaha...then diriku dilanda MIGRAIN ! ouhhh tidak !!!! hmmmmm , tepat pada koii 3 aku blikkk , balik2 terlentangg laaa ats katil smpai lpa smyg zuhuq ! hahahha , 

p/s:saya sayang anda lah kwn ! ilyyyyy !

"bsday girl" was Posted @7:53 AM | 0 lovely comments
cuti skolaaaaa , wooh ! dk umh boringg arr ! nk p town ! nk jpa kwn ! nk jpa junior ! nk jpa my babyyy ! nk jpa balak . :) . aww aww . hahahaaa. ngek . aku bngun tidoq td kan , da 2 missed col . aq heran sp  tah no 013 tuhh.:)) . pas2 aku on fb . then dy col .aq pon angkt ja la .dy ktaa " ni spa, nma pa " . aku ktaa nie org nma fatin . hahaha . pehtu dy dok errr err . aku tutup arr . rimaih sngooh ! haha . td dok men gn is men formspringg . aq tny soklan mengarot kt dyy. haha. then aq cha tgn syifaa shud . woah ! rindu dy bangattt !

ht2 ja aq nk ceta , tdk bnda nk ceta dh ! byee . muahhh !
"b.o.r.i.n.g" was Posted On: Sunday, November 21, 2010 @10:44 PM | 0 lovely comments
 takod !
malam raya aidiladha kn , aq gdo st gn kak dilla . ush . getaq aku ponn. dy kta aq accept dy xikhlas .aq ktalaa aq ikhlas gilaaa kod , pehtu dy xbalas .aq dok kt tesco tyme 2 . ushhhhh . aq tpon dy bnyk kli dy x jwb . aq tkodd dh tyme 2 .dlm 2 jam . dy suroh aq col dy balek . then aq col la kan . aq cerita tula nila . then dy xmajok dh gn aku ! yayyyyy ! syok gelaa !
"takod !" was Posted On: Saturday, November 20, 2010 @7:55 AM | 0 lovely comments
 my new sys ! :0
hee :) . aq da new sys , nmaa dy dilla . aq mang dr koir lu mang mnt ka dy , nk t8 dy tp maluu stg xterima lak kn . tyme last day skola . aku dok buad bodo pa tataw kt dpn pintuuu kelaih . mai2 dy gn kak bella pangey aku . aku heran igtkn nk gado ka ap? haha . dy kta ' mpa nk t8 mpa bule' ? aku dk pikiaq nk accept ka dok . aku accept dy sbb mang  aku minat dy . aha .  dy dok tny aq mcm2 aq pon jawab la kan . haha . ngek . pehtu dk sembang2 ,, kak dilla kta kak bella nk p jmpa is lak nk t8 is. haha .aq then msok klas wt hingaq .haha , pastu aq nmpk kak bella gn kak dilla dok kt tgga f.1 . dpa ajak aq p lepak gn depa st. aq kta la kt kak bella , t8 g . dya kta suda . pehtu dy tny la soalan psai is kannn . aq pon jwb ja lae .hee. jmpa lak ketod / teng !  , smbang st gn dyy .  mang ary 2 ary pling syok . hahha !
"my new sys ! :0" was Posted @7:45 AM | 0 lovely comments
tasik dh jd laut :)

skolah akue :)

skola syed omaq !

koteaw iman !

my dad kt dpn skola akuee .

"KEDAH TENGGELAM !" was Posted On: Thursday, November 4, 2010 @7:44 PM | 0 lovely comments

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