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 takod !
malam raya aidiladha kn , aq gdo st gn kak dilla . ush . getaq aku ponn. dy kta aq accept dy xikhlas .aq ktalaa aq ikhlas gilaaa kod , pehtu dy xbalas .aq dok kt tesco tyme 2 . ushhhhh . aq tpon dy bnyk kli dy x jwb . aq tkodd dh tyme 2 .dlm 2 jam . dy suroh aq col dy balek . then aq col la kan . aq cerita tula nila . then dy xmajok dh gn aku ! yayyyyy ! syok gelaa !
"takod !" was Posted On: Saturday, November 20, 2010 @7:55 AM | 0 lovely comments

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