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 i miss u :(
in the fading windows to your soul
i can see that you've just let me go
your eyes they lie , but i know u have tried.
and put up with my weakness and sad pathetic lies.
please don't miss understand ! I'd never do you no wrong
but i,m lost and still seeking a place to belong.

with the chill of your good bye kiss
i feel surrounded by all this coldness
your body talk hushed, god i feel crushed
but theres still so many parts that remain untouched
please don't miss understand ! I'd never do you no harm
but i need the storm before I'll be calm

with the final flick of your good bye wave
i want to cry but i have to be brave 
the door ,closed ..the door CLOSED 
there so much i need but i cant be exposed
please don't miss understand! i,m gonna miss u like mad
but i need to be happy before i feel sad...

I miss u dear ! ,,,,
"i miss u :(" was Posted On: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @10:26 PM | 0 lovely comments

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