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Eh hangg, playboy tahapppp ! GO TO HELL laaaaa! Awekk Punyaaa laaa cunn melecunnnnn p cari awekkk gigi jonganggg , Nerghhh , Bodo laa kauu!  Dasar playboy tahapp .

Btw patutlaaaa ramaii orgggg tak sukaa kt hangggg , dahla suka MENYEBAI , pas2 BLUE tahappp . Haehhhh . org cem hanggg kann aku rasaaa cemm nkk pukulllll sampai MATI!

Ksiannn , xdakkkk gengg nohh . p cri geng fomm 4 . OHYEAHH!!
"PLAYBOY !" was Posted On: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 @6:56 PM | 0 lovely comments

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