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 weh !
aq rindu dya weh , tiap tiap ari aq nmpk dy kt mdan , tp dy still buat xtau kt aq , skit hati laa . kta nklpak laaa , sembanglaaa cem2 laaa .sembangkemaih cem pa g  ! tp respond xdak.hampehhhh ~
sumpah kot teringin nk smbang gn dyy gn kwn dy , err , xpaa , aq bkn hot cem gang awek dy an? aq xcomeyhh cem awek dy so dy malaeh laa dy lepak gn aq . TP weh . . . . ishhhhhhhhhh . . xpalaa . . . skit hati aq nk ceta mnda nih .
"weh !" was Posted On: Monday, January 24, 2011 @5:57 AM | 0 lovely comments

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