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 alonee ! hate ! fuck !
la ! la ! single mingle aq . hmmm .xsngka hg nk buad aq cenii. aq tw dh lpaih blik jpunn hang mst berubah pnyy . haa ! kan skang hg dh berubah gila ??????? hg fuck akuu nohhh ! whateverrrr , ! awd hg jd lagutuhh ttw . emm . ssh gilaaaa nk lupa psaii ang ! lam fb hg block aq nohh .haree .tapa2 . hg p kl nnt  aman ckt hidop aq! :'). p laa gn pompuan laenn ! mst pompuan yg kapel gn hg nt terseksa coz hg keja gn golf ! ergh ! golf ! golf N golf!
"alonee ! hate ! fuck !" was Posted On: Saturday, December 11, 2010 @8:26 AM | 0 lovely comments

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