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 applause for you:)
like seriously , i do not believe you can write BI status , opss , waa kau ni mat saleh errkk? bangganyewwwwwwww
bukan kau selalu dapat E ke dlm exam ? okay -.- , <-- hina tk ayat aku kat kau? ;p , hihii
i know, you just use GOOGLE TRANSLATE?haa haa , tp kalau kau dah terer bi tuu baguslaa.tapi seriousy i said , your english vey bad. :) , aku tau aku tk la terer sangat BI , tp aku rasa BI kau lagi teruk dari aku .. kbye sayang :*
"applause for you:)" was Posted On: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 @1:47 AM | 0 lovely comments

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