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 g Keyell , Yeay ! :P
ciwii gilaa si aten nih , haha . cem tak penah je g keyel ? hahahaha .maybe brtolak esok koi 3.00 ptg, blik ari sabtu KOT ! hhihih. cikgu ! i dun want homework pliz? saya nk rehatkan otak saya nih . ;p .haha .

aku p sana sbb nk tman ayh aku g khusus jaa , tapi tapala  . tdoq hotel beb . hahhaa. p gn family aku .
kat sanaaaa msti dok keja tgkp gmaq . maklumlah dah ada camera DLSR (enset sony) .:P.haha

tapalaa , wanna kemas2 my bjuuuuu. papai <3 .
"g Keyell , Yeay ! :P" was Posted On: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 @8:02 AM | 0 lovely comments

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