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 depa keluaq town?
aiyoyoyoy . saya boringg maaa duduk soranggg2 di rumahhh! nk kluaq townn .... tapi tdak transport , kak akuu p umh kwn dyy . meluat uh . so? dy taleh jd aku nyaa drebaa . alaaaaaaaaa :( .haha
BTW . td dok merepek paa ttw gn FEE SYAIZA . hahahaha . lawokk .. psaii kmy nk kuaq town laa .apa daee . fee . xpa2 nt kitaa kuaq town nahhh . Muhahaha .. mud , aku tgh gram dgn sorang pompuan nih . buat pala bole .
"depa keluaq town?" was Posted On: Thursday, March 3, 2011 @8:44 PM | 0 lovely comments

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