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 story about ss !
waaa ... syifaa shud ,,, sory nahhh lau kmy wt salah kt mpa .... mpa daa berubah larh skang .. dlu mpa jpa or mcj kmy ,mpa selalu kta kt kmy bdx comey ... lanie mpaaaa ta wt cm2 dh ?? awt ?? kenpa ?? pasaipa ???kmy miss mpa yg dlu .... come back to me ! jd spt dlu ! plz3 ! lyn kmy ! mcj kmy ! ckp gn kmy ! .... kmy hrap mpaa zkn sedar yg kmy syg mpa gla2 sbg kwn ?
"story about ss !" was Posted On: Monday, September 6, 2010 @7:53 AM | 4 lovely comments

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